If I had a quarter for every time I have heard this I’d have a ton of quarters!  Most recently a customer messaged us on a $150 end table and insisted it was outrageous and he could build it for half.  The truth is, I’d love for them to go for it.  If you really sit back and think about this, at the end of the day, pay for the piece.

DIY Bookcase Plans

DIY Bookcase Plans

Lets examine this statement, there are a lot of Bob the Builders out there who can and do build nice furniture.  Thinking the average person can do it for less is simply not true in most cases. It’s unrealistic for most people. The cost of the materials in addition to procuring the material (driving to the store, picking it out, loading) in no way can be more efficient than a manufacturer who does this as a daily business in mass quantity.

Next think about the machinery necessary to manufacture said piece. OK, let’s not!  Do you have a planer, table saw (if you want straight cuts), router if you want rounded face frames, shelves, a line bore machine (or buy angle irons) finishing supplies, to name a few. It just doesn’t make good economic sense right there.

Now let’s really look at the real picture.  You visit our website or shop the store in Austin. You can call us 7 days a week and work with a real company, a showroom to look, feel, and touch the products, we have customer service, sales, delivery, warehouse personnel, you see where I am going.  At the end of the day we are entitled to make a modest profit.

I would never change my own oil!  I could chop my own firewood.

But I get it.