The New Year brings exciting news for our industry.  While it has been increasingly challenging to predict shipping and availability issues, new product is still in development. An exciting part of the business I always look forward to is BUYING!  Trying to predict what you love is fun, challenging, and rewarding. 

Over the last 18-20 months our way of life has shifted.  Trends show we’ll continue to multi purpose our homes.  Buyers are working towards living and work space expansions.  We are already seeing new trends in home purpose with reference to design for our ever changing lives. New products arriving now have been very well received.

Working from home has been proven to cause lower stress with productivity unchanged or even showing improved.  With this shift from office to home office, the uptick in furnishings has followed suit.  You will continue to see our expanding dual purpose furnishings, with function meeting design.  Most of the big, bulky cabinets once needed for housing now obsolete files, are now streamlined with design being paramount. 

Quality has always been our commitment.  We require products to be comprised of real wood, never particle board or mdf.  This allows us to help you find products with both look, function, and long term investment payoff.  In the past, so much furniture has been flooded in to the US from all over the world made of cheap composites. Supply has been compromised. The great news is the demand for quality has continued to trend upwards.  

While 2022 looks to be a little of the same, we look forward to a better forecast for time frames and product availability.  We’re shifting our focus towards what works for everyone.  With a concentration on North American products, we seem to settle on the slightly longer lead times as the norm.  All sectors of manufacturing to shipping will continue to be a challenge with the ongoing worker shortages. 

It’s not doom and gloom, it’s a test of patience and grace.  We’re based in Austin, Texas and are starting our 45th year as a family owned business.  

With Love and Peace

The Greenlee Family